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"Last night I heard my momma singin' a song / Ooh wee Shirley Shriley Sheep Sheep"
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Here you can advertise yourself, your company or whatever you want. Buy the most visible space in the home page of this site and become the actual King of Internet! Every one will see your name and your words, until someone else replaces your position. If you don't want to spend money, you can also invite your followers to vote your profile, trying to become the most loved pretender of the internet! Registration is totally FREE.
Registration is totally FREE. You must pay only to become the King of Internet and you can use other site's features without pay a cent. The first King of Internet paid 0,01 €. Every time a new King wants to replace the last one, he must pay 0,01 € more than the predecessor. This means that the second King of Internet paid 0,02 €, the third 0,03 € and so on.
This site has two objectives: write your name in the history of internet and advertise your name, the name of your company or whatever else on the first page of this site. List of Kings will be always available and every one can explore the history. Also the Pretenders' list will be always available. Are you ready to buy a piece of history?
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